The Great RE Poetry Competition.


Congratulations to Robert Cartin 8D and Ian Bevan 11C

for their winning entries;  'A Crown of Thorns' and 'The New Life'.




A Crown of Thorns.

The morning sun rose to awaken the world,
Adults and children, boys and girls.
The crowd was now gathering; to witness the killing,
of a king and two robbers, to see their blood spilling.

At dawn, made to carry his cross up a hill,
the king and two robbers would wait for their kill.
Nailed to the timber by hands and then feet,

his cries of pain were all but discrete.

He passed on the wine which they sponged at his lips
as his hands trickled blood in silent drips,
He looked to the heavens, staring at the sky,
The crowds slowly departed, and he was left to die.

His body was carelessly pulled from the cross,
On this Friday the world had suffered this loss,
The corpse was slung in to the darkness of stone,
In a cave so lifeless with no strength to groan.

Mary and Mary went to embalm,
His skin with such oils, and removed his spiked crown,
But they entered the cave and it didn't take long,
For them to realise that the body was gone.

One fell to her knees, crying to the sky,
"Oh why did Emmanuel have to die?"
"He didn't!" came a masculine voice from quite near,
"He's risen again and he's standing right here!"

The king was there, with no scars on his form,
With a smile on his face, praising the dawn,
"I'm here to stay, and a model to men,
I am happy to see you and I've risen again!"

By Robert Cartin 8D


The New Life

  On this page I start to write

The story of new life,

Sitting here, all around new life springs up from the ground.

From field to fountain

Mountain to moor.

The life from his hand radiates to the land.


On this day of creation

We must remember devastation,

 the sacrifice of our Saviour Lord.

He saved us from all evils stored.

From his death there was creation

And life flowed to every nation.


So in memory I start to write,

The story of all new life.


By Ian Bevan 11C