Technology Open Evening 2003

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This annual highlight in the school calendar took place on May 8th 2003.

Some excellent work from years 9, 11 and 13 was on display - and here are the photos to prove it!


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Slobodan Topalovic

Communications Centre

James Cooper

Indoor Water Feature

Andrew McDonnell

Kitchen Storage

John Nelson

Kitchen Storage

Peter Clifton

Garden Furniture

Sam Don

Living Space Furniture


YEAR 11 - Resistant Materials

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Sam Hickman Gawaine Ensor Riadh Salhi Paul Smallbone Daniel Rock Thomas Davison


YEAR 11 - Graphic Products

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Matthew Tipping

Jaguar Car Showroom

Haroon Shahid

Haz Fitness

Adam Wilkinson

Jim's Gym

Daniel Manders

Red Army

Jayson Keane

SkitzoFrenic Skate Co.

Adam Darwood

Dars Restaurant


YEAR 9 - Functions of Packaging

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Michael Kiriakov


Jonathan Green