User Guide

November 2003


KNect is an Internet based communications tool for use by the staff and students of King’s Norton Boys’ School.  KNect allows users to connect to the schools’ computer network from home, a public library or an Internet Café.  

Once connected to the network, users are able to access files stored in their ‘MyWork’ area, access the schools’ private Intranet and access shared documents.  At the request of individual teachers, students may also be able to deposit homework in special folders for the teacher to collect and mark electronically. 

KNect is designed to allow you access to the schools’ network out of hours.  This means that you can gain access at evenings and weekends. Using KNect also means that you no longer have to transfer files to and from the school on floppy disk.

This simple user guide will help you grasp the core functions of KNect. You should refer to the ‘Help’ section once logged into KNect, or speak to Andy Craythorn at the school if you encounter difficulties. A more detailed user guide can be downloaded at  You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view this.


Minimum Specifications

Your computer should have a processor speed of 800mhz and at least 128Mb RAM to use KNect.  You will need to have an account with an Internet Service Provider that utilises your computers’ modem or broadband system.  

You will need to have Internet Explorer Version 5 or above installed and working correctly.

Logging on to the KNect website

 1.      Load Internet Explorer and connect to the Internet.

 2.      In the Address bar, type

Note:          KNect is a secure website so you will need to type https

3.  You will receive the following message informing you that you are connecting to a secure website.


 4.   After pressing OK, you will receive another message as follows:


 5.       When asked “Do you want to proceed?”  you must click Yes.

       6.       You will now be prompted to enter your username and password to access the network.  This is the    same username and password that you use within school to access the network and your E-mail.



Note:          Your username and password are CaSe SeNsItIvE.  If your credentials are refused, try typing them in the opposite case.


            7.   You are now connected to KNect and should see a screen similar to that below.


The KNect homepage displays a link to your MyWork folder and any shared documents made available by the ICT Manager.  It also contains links to the school Intranet, a noticeboard, the school website and your school email account.


Click this to access your files and folders. You can cut and paste your files, edit and rename them



A list of available topics is available beneath this icon. Select your chosen topic to access its shared documents.



Select this to access the school Intranet



Notices will be posted on this page



If you need help, there is technical advice available here as well as a copy of this document and a more detailed user guide.

It is recommended that you add the KNect home page address (  to your Favourites. This means that you will not need to type in the full address every time you access the KNect website.

                       KNect has been developed by Andy Craythorn