Specialist Status Bid


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Our application to become a Specialist College in Science from September 2004 has been approved.



In October 2003, King’s Norton Boys’ School will apply to become a Science College, as part of a network of Specialist Schools across Birmingham and the country.


Our objectives are to:


·    Raise standards of the teaching and learning of Science & Mathematics in the school and community.


·    Extend the range of opportunities in Science & Mathematics to both King’s Norton Boys’ School pupils and the wider community.


·    Benefit other schools in the area, to build on existing links with primary, secondary and special schools.


·    Strengthen the links between schools, industry and commerce.





If our application for specialist status is successful, we shall receive additional funding worth almost £500,000 over the next four years.


But first, we need to raise £50,000 towards a capital project. The Government will then provide an additional grant of £100,000 towards this project.  We shall then receive an extra £123 per pupil for each of the next four years.


To date, we have raised £44,000 of the required £50,000.   Do you know anyone who can help us achieve our target?


We are a charity, so your sponsorship is tax efficient.


Business sponsors in the local community can benefit from:-


·    Your name on literature, including local, regional and national events held at the school.


·    Your name on our website www.kingsnortonboys.bham.sch.uk with hyperlinks to your site if requested.


·    Good public relations for your company with exposure of your name to both public and students.


·    Chances to develop networks with other sponsors and their businesses.


·    AND …….. a well-trained future workforce bringing increased prosperity to the area.


You can help in other ways, too, by helping to raise awareness of our bid in the wider community or becoming involved as a community partner, offering advice and support to pupils, or providing off-site experiences such as visits to laboratories and factories.


Can you help us? See our CONTACT details...