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This website is designed, edited and managed by Andrew Craythorn, ICT Manager at King's Norton Boys School. The site is here to promote the work of the school and support the education and interests of past, present and future students.  

We like to think of this site as being a whole school website and we try to make it integral to many of the things we do. We strongly believe that this site gives a true, honest picture of King's Norton Boys' School and the activities that take place here.

Although the site is managed by one person, the webmaster tends to act as an information collector who liaises with staff and pupils about content and design.  Pupils and staff can freely submit information and photographs to the webmaster who will then publish it.

One of the main features of the site is the Archives section.  As a school with such distinguished heritage it would be an injustice not to make such information available.  We like Old Nortonians to keep in contact with us and each other and the Archives provide so many memories to relive.

You will see from our visitors hit counter that this site is very popular. In the last 3 months we have averaged 1000 visitors per week.  This is an incredible achievement for a school website and pays testament to the hard work of all the staff and students.

The site currently stands at 186mb in size and contains 7088 files.

Information about the Recovery

Added 02/02/10

I thought I would write a quick passage about how this website was recovered.  A few months ago when looking through some old CD's from when I was at school I found a copy of this website I had taken just after Andrew Craythorn had died.  I've used the Internet archive and copies found elsewhere on the internet to allow this recovery.  I'm still finding pages that do not work, and I'm slowly working through the site to make sure that it works fully for everyone to look at.  I'll continue to work on this site and make sure that it is preserved.  It's been restored to September 2004. 

Russ Oakes



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